At SDTA, our coaching philosophy is based on putting the athlete first, while putting major emphasis on performance rather than outcome. Our coaches focus on helping young players reach their maximum potential as people through commitment to excellence in tennis. We teach students to develop a solid work ethic and learn how to compete in order for them to maximize their on court performance. Founded in 1996, SDTA's emphasis on small group programs and personal attention has helped us develop some of the best players in the region.

McCartney Kessler (Florida Gators 2018)

2015 Orange Bowl G16's Doubles Champion

Top 10 singles USA 2017


We offer several different levels of junior development from intermediate beginners to advance and elite players. The student is placed on a specific level according to their tennis ability, physical attributes and level of maturity after been evaluated by our coaches. Through high intensity training, we focus on helping students develop proper technique and stroke production, on court movement through physical conditioning and strategy through tactical point play in a competitive and fun environment.

One of our main goals is to personalize the development of players based on their talent, level of maturity, physical and mental attributes and individual needs. We focus on teaching students develop an all around game and help them understand all different aspects of the game in order to become a complete player.

At SDTA, training hard and training smart is what we are all about. In order to maximize each players potential, we focus on the following:

  • Proper fundamentals of technique & on court movement
  • Tournament competition oriented drills
  • Mental toughness on court discussions
  • Singles & doubles strategy
  • Supervised tactical point play
  • Supervised match play
  • Physical conditioning
  • Tournament warm up & coaching available

Coach Diaz with 2015 Orange Bowl Girls 16 Doubles Champions McCartney Kessler & Emma Kurtz.

Our USTA High Performance Junior Development & USPTA certified coaches, solid coach per student ratio, affordable rates and strong relationships with both students and parents are what make SDTA unique among tennis academies. Come visit us for a personal evaluation or you can join us at one of our drill sessions to find out which level of competition your child is best suited for. Please contact Stephen Diaz at 404-786-8039 for a visit.